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A young team of scientists in the field of agronomy offers services to farmers through new innovative and green solutions in line with new European agricultural policies.

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The use of plant protection products ensures efficient agriculture and a safe yield. Without the application of pesticides, pests and diseases would cause a drop in yield of about 70%. On the one hand, pesticide-free agricultural production is not profitable. On the other hand, there is the pollution problem of soil and water and also negative toxicological effects on human and animal health caused by pesticides through irrational use over many years. Also, with the determinants of the European Green Deal until 2030, the spectrum of active substances of plant pesticides will be significantly reduced (aprox 50%).
From these two points of view on the issue, the need for new sustainable and green agricultural solutions is evident. That is why GGO3 team is available to farmers and offers a new/green solution.



The GGO3 team wants to solve the problems of agricultural producers who are left without the "tools" of plant protection products with which they have so far controlled harmful organisms. The principle of our product is based on the high oxidation potential of ozone molecules, which are therefore capable of destroying organic molecules and thus harmful organisms that interfere with agricultural production. GGO3 is a simple device that is installed inside or outside of green houses and phytosanitary refrigerators with the possibility of charging with renewable energy sources (solar panels, geothermal energy, wind, ect.) depending on location of green house.

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Production of vegetables, ornamental plants, herbs


Greenhouse production and hydroponic cultivation

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Our services

Client consulting and education

Installation of ozonators

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Combine Harvester on Field
Harvesting Crop Field
Hay Bales
Harvesting Wheat
Inside Greenhouse
Net Covering Crops
Wheat Crop

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Get in Touch
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Helena Virić Gašparić

Founder & Team leader


Pave Ninčević


Team member


Darija Lemić

Assist. prof.

Founder & Team member  

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Helena Virić Gašparić, M.Sc.

Assist. prof. Darija Lemić

Pave Ninčević, B.Sc.

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